About half an hour’s drive from Manila is the city Navotas, also known as the fishing capital of the Philippines because most of the residents are involved in the fishing industry. But it’s not the smell of fish that hits you in the face when you open the car door, instead the stench of pollution from the Manila Bay. Everything from animal cadaver to feces is dumped into the rivers that ebb out into the ocean. Factories continuously dump their chemical waste directly into the water, despite the fact that there are laws to prevent this. Any reprisals for these factories that defy the legislation do not seem to exist.
The levels of heavy metals in fish from the bay are 10-16 times higher than the safe levels established by the World Health Organization (WHO).
The Philippine Ministry of Health (DOH) already warned several years ago for swimming in Manilla Bay, could cause diarrhea, cholera, typhus, hepatitis B, respiratory diseases and skin allergies.


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