Reportage in Jyllands-Posten

Reportage in Danish Jyllands-Posten, about Cockfighting, a bloody billion dollar industry. After basketball, it is considered to be the national sport of the Philippines with over 2500 legitimate arenas spread across the country. Before I started to shoot this particle story, it was clear to me I wanted to get some of that spirit in the arenas in the photos, cockfighting is so much more than just two cocks fighting for their life. Anyhow I think it turned out well…

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Awarded project grant from Swedish Artist foundation.

Happy to announce that my ongoing work about the Philippine Drug war and its aftermath has been awarded project grant from Swedish Artist foundation.

Funeral of Edward who was a shot in a police operation in the Philippines’ war on drugs. Edward and his cousin Billy Joe was killed during a police operation in Bagong Silang, police were looking for a suspect and six people were shot. Edward and his cousin Billy Joe was never suspected or even appeared on some so-called drug list.


Happy to be part of Hasselblad Foundations – photobook exhibition with the book “Refuge”

Publicerat – Fotoboken i Sverige, at Hasselblad Center 24 feb – 6 may, 2018.

The exhibition contains 200 titles and the selection is based on three themes: the Society, the ego and the Picture. The concepts reflect overall issues that play a major part in photography, and the boundaries collect books that treat and shape the specific topics and perspectives. The photo book is both visual and tactile. Instead of showing the books in displays, published an open exhibition where visitors can browse freely, look in and read the published books.

About the exhibition: short video with curator Niclas Östlind


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