Guest speaker at Doc lounge Helsingborg

Doc Lounge-Gäst Olof Jarlbro

An exclusive depiction of the minds of war photographers -modern heroes who daily face the perishability of life and feed on death. The year is 1999. For the young Georgian Alex Kvatashidze, the war in Chechnya seems far away. This until he falls in love with a French photographer and only days after they meet, decide to accompany her to the war-torn Delegate. Immediately the dream of becoming a war reporter arises, something he unfortunately never succeeds in. On the other hand, he is given insights into their world for 13 years and depicts how occupational life affected them. “Why do you go to war if you do not need?” – may be one of the top questions the director Alex is trying to answer.

On the spot after the film, we have the warphotographer and Helsingborgare Olof Jarlbro, whose report has been seen in everything from “Esquire” to “Arbetaren” and who went illegally across the border to Syria to document the war.

6th sep.17.00 The doors and the bar open18.00 See You in Chechnya19.15 Olof Jarlbro LOCATION: The Tivoli, Copenhagen Island 1, HelsingborgENTRÉ: 70 SEK (60 SEK pre-purchase, 50 SEK / Stampus and AW-company)

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Lecture: Syria: The War Within and the refugees at Lund University

Lecture at the International Course on Media and Morality at the department of media and communication, Lund University 11/11 13-15

The lecture will highlight my last two books on the conflict in Syria, the work behind and how it is to work in what is considered the most dangerous country for journalist, the aftermath of war and refugee crises in Europe.


Syrians seeking refuge in Bulgaria
I am Happy to announce that my work with Syrian refugees
has been awarded one years working grant from the Swedish Author Fund.
Swedish Authors’ Fund has awarded 177 grants. 22 of them went to the photographers.
Lars Tunbjörk and Jan Töve have received specific authoring money about 188 000 per year.
A five-year working grant of 104 000 per year was given to Nina Korhonen.
Two-year Grant of 90 000 SEK per year:

Krister Engström
Klara Kallstrom
Roine Magnusson

One-year Grant of 70 000 SEK per year:

Joakim Eneroth
Malin Gezelius
Olof Jarlbro
Gerry Johansson
Jens Lasthein
Stefan Lindberg F
Claes Löfgren
Hannah Modigh
Misha Pedan

One-year Grant of 50 000 SEK:

March Bäcker
Johan Bävman
Göran Ekström
Hakan Elofsson
David Magnusson
Susanne Otter Rock
Sven Persson