Reportage in Uppdrag Mission #4 2017

Reportage about Europa’s forgotten war in Ukraine.

“At the beginning of May 2017 the final at the Eurovision Song Contest took place in Kiev, a song contest seen by 204 million people around the world. At the same time in the same country there is an ongoing war that forced more than a million people to flee and several million in need for humanitarian aid…”

Reportage about Europa’s forgotten war in Ukraine. Text and photo Olof Jarlbro


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Reportage in magazine 8 about the Brick factories in Nepal.

Brick factory Nepal. Jarlbro

“After the earthquake in Nepal, the demand for bricks increased magnificently and around the Kathmandu Valley several hundreds of factories are producing bricks. These plants have for years received massive criticism from the media, NGOs and authorities – something that has not been unwarranted: child labour is the rule rather than the exception, and the black smoke coming out of chimneys contributes to the bad air in Kathmandu. But despite all the criticism and the government plans to ban the plants’ presence inside the valley, this controversial industry blooms after the earthquake and among the thousands of workers and their families settled around the factories there is great majority of children…”

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One year after the earthquake in Capital light

Reportage in Capital light about the aftermath of the Ghorka earthquake in Nepal.

Ghorka eartquake

“It was 11:56 am on April 25, 2015 as one of the worst earthquakes in Nepal’s history hit 7.8 on the Richter scale followed by 430 aftershocks. Nearly 9,000 lives were lost and the earthquake left millions of people in need. A large part of Nepal’s historic temples were completely destroyed. Many predicted that after this earthquake, a cholera epidemic would break out because of the monsoon rains…”

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