Refuge part of the photobook exhibition Publicerat at CFF – Centrum för fotografi in Stockholm.

Happy to be part of the photobook exhibition Publicerat – Fotoboken i Sverige with the book “Refuge” and Syria: The War Within at CFF – Centrum för fotografi in Stockholm.

Vernissage Friday 8 February, kl 17–20. Place: gallery CFF, Centrum för fotografi, Tjärhovsgatan 44, Stockholm. Exhibitionism period 8/2–10/3. Gallery open: Wed–Fri 12–18. Sat–Sun 12–17. Exhibition produced by Hasselbladstiftelsen in cooperation with CFF, Fotoförfattarna/SFF, Fotoskolan STHLM och TMG Sthlm. 


Happy to be part of Hasselblad Foundations – photobook exhibition with the book “Refuge”

Publicerat – Fotoboken i Sverige, at Hasselblad Center 24 feb – 6 may, 2018.

The exhibition contains 200 titles and the selection is based on three themes: the Society, the ego and the Picture. The concepts reflect overall issues that play a major part in photography, and the boundaries collect books that treat and shape the specific topics and perspectives. The photo book is both visual and tactile. Instead of showing the books in displays, published an open exhibition where visitors can browse freely, look in and read the published books.

About the exhibition: short video with curator Niclas Östlind

The Inta Ruka Edition – Swedish photo books to Riga


The Inta Ruka Edition – Swedish photo books to Riga

Nepal and Mao has been selected as one of thirty favorites by Latvian photographer Inta Ruka to represent the Swedish photobooks authors in Riga Photography Month.

Recently the Photo authors invited the Latvian photographer Inta Ruka to Stockholm to make a personal selection of Swedish photobooks to be represented in Latvia connection with the Riga Photography Month. For two days Inta stayed in the well-stocked photo library of Swedish Photographers Association’s  Office.

These books are selected by Inta Ruka to be exhibited in Riga Photo month 2014 9 to 11 May.

Carl Bengtsson
Bokförlaget Arena

Elin Berge
Bokförlaget Atlas

Micke Berg

Stefan Bladh
The family
Nouvel publishing

Martin Bogren
Tractor Boys
Dewi Lewis Publishing

Trinidad Carillo
The Name from Mars
Eget förlag

Anna Clarén
Close to home
Max Ström

48 fotografer
Da capo- Sverige i Tiden

Love Enqvist
Diggers and Dreamers
Oyster Press

JH Engström
La Residence

Peter Eriksson
Eget förlag

Klara Källström
Black drop island
B-B-B books

Håkan Elofsson
Bombay Boulevard
ETC Förlag

Per Englund
Passenger Seat

Misha Pedan
Khimaira Förlag

Christer Erling
Asphalt Telegraph

Peter Gerdehag
Votum Förlag

Kenneth Gustafsson
The magic bar
Max Ström


Walter Hirsch
Fotografier 1960-2003
Bokförlaget Arena

Pieter ten Hoopen
The Bearded Lady

Olof Jarlbro
Nepal Mao
Rough Dog Press

Gerry Johansson

Sune Jonsson
Life and Work
Max Ström

Kent Klich
Beths bok
Norstedts fotograficentrum

Nina Korhonen
Anna Amerikan Mummu

Tuija Lindström
A Dream If Ever There Was One
Art and Theory Publishing

Jens Olof Lasthein
White Sea Black Sea
Max Ström

Henrik Malmström
On borrowed time
Eget förlag

Maria Miesenberger

Hannah Modigh
Hillbilly Heroine, Honey

Anders Petersen
City Diary

Per-Anders Pettersson
Rainbow Transit
Dewi Lewis Publishing

Tore Sandahl
Stolen Moments
Eget förlag

Gunnar Smoliansky
One Picture at a Time

Lars Tunbjörk

Christer Strömholm
Post Scriptum
Max Ström

Helsinki Photography Biennial – Stonefactory

I meet a gentle giant of a man; he is trained to be a Ranger in the Swedish Lapland under the compulsory Swedish military service. Olof Jarlbro was born in Helsingborg in 1978. He is an impressive fearless person. He has recently returned from Syria, a war-torn Aleppo. There he covered the insurgent Free Syrian Army (FSA) – struggles against the regime. Olof Jarlbro’s weapon is a camera.

A straightforward, honest and trustable man, I can imagine that he opens people’s heart and minds where ever he goes. His personality comes through in his photographs. People take him in their lives; share their food, homes, dreams and fears with him. That is what Olof Jarlbro documents.
He studied photography in New York and in the Academy of Performing Arts, in Prague. Today he lives in Bulgaria with his wife and two children. He spends much time travelling around the world but returns every year to Sweden with his family.

I am happy to learn to know him as we walk together from his hotel to the Finnish Photographic Museum in Helsinki. His exhibition, Stone factory attracted the attention of the National TV, Yle and was featured on the prime time evening news.

The workers of the stone mills live in small metal sheds on the factory grounds. They work from dawn to dusk. In one picture we see what appear to be a mother and her daughter, resting between the hard works. Another one shows women at their daily kitchen duties by the river. Life in this dusty place must slowly destroy their lungs. But there seems to be some calm serenity in these hard working women. Time seems to stand still in these images.
We part company; he turns and strides off towards his new adventures. -Karin Toyoda

For more visit here

Stonefactory at Helsinki Photography Biennial 27.3-4.5.2014

It’s been a fantastic week in Helsinki, with many great exhibitions and a very interesting Photography Biennial. As the only Documentary photographer who exhibited, I felt, however, as an odd bird among all the artists. The pictures from my several years-long project StoneFactory hung very beautifully at Helsinki’s Photographic Museum, which attracted the attention of the Finish national TV (Yle) when they introduced the Biennial. Like always when I exhibit a long time project my thought goes to the people in my photographs. I think they would be very happy to hear that their portraits hanging in a Museum…

Stonefactory at Helsinki Photography Biennial 27.3-4.5.2014

I am happy to announce that the Stonefactory will be exhibit at the Helsinki Photography Biennial 2014.

Helsinki Photography Biennial

opens on 27 March 2014 in Helsinki, Finland. It is a series of events on photo/lens-based contemporary art, organized every two years in spring by the Union of Artist Photographers in Finland. The theme of the 2014 biennial examines causal relations regarding ecological issues. The biennial is curated by Başak Şenova,a curator and designer based in Istanbul. Furthermore, Başak Senova has invited Branko Franceschi (Zagreb) to co-curate a special section for the biennial.

Helsinki Photography Biennial is honored to present 19 projects by the following artists:

Ali Cherri
, Barbaros Kayan
, Braco Dimitrijević
, Daniel García Andújar
, Hana Miletic
, Jawad Al Malhi, 
Jesper Just
, Marja Helander
, Mary McIntyre
, Oliver Ressler, Olof Jarlbro
, Raqs Media Collective
, Serkan Taycan, 
Société Réaliste
, Tamas Dezso, 
Tomislav Gotovac
, Tuula Närhinen, 
Willie Doherty, 
Yane Calovski

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Exhibition Syria -The War Within at Lunds University, Sweden.

The exhibition is part of an international event called”48H of Syria” with the aim to spread knowledge about the situation in Syria today. The event is organised by Lunds University and the Centrum for Middle Eastern Studies.

Opening of exhibition December 5 / 15.00 in the foyer of Language and Literature Centrum at Lunds University.

For more information about the Event ”48H of Syria” visit. here